“The science of the “ask” is also an art form and Michael Warder understands and practices in this field with integrity, skill and an ever-forward approach to enable the not-for-profit enterprise. If I were a chief development officer today, I would use this book to embolden my colleagues to frame and make The Right Ask using this toolbox of knowledge and well-honed experience.”

Andrew K. Benton

Pepperdine University

The Right Ask, tackles so many of the important pieces of major gift fundraising – from individuals, corporations and foundations. Whether you are a CEO, a fundraiser, or if raising money is in any part of your job, this book will help you understand and appreciate the very rewarding practice of making The Right Ask.”


Dr. Edwin J. Feulner Jr.

The Heritage Foundation

“Shortly after beginning to work with Mike Warder, I realized that he had ‘the gift’: the instincts and the skills to find potential new large donors and to ‘sell’ an organization to them. In The Right Ask, he is sharing those skills and secrets with advancement officers across the land. My advice? Read this book... Learn... and Succeed!”


Dr. Allan Carlson

The Howard Center
Rockford, Illinois

(Upland, California; August 2017) — The Right Ask: What Every Advancement Officer Should Know by Michael Y. Warder Sr. is filled with practical advice for anyone in the field of fundraising. It also helps donors sort through the many requests they receive
to give. The publication date is September 26, 2017 and will be available from Amazon for $14.95.


Drawn from more than four decades in the field, Warder stresses that advancement officers must believe in the mission of the organization they represent and be confidant in the integrity of its leadership. They also need to be knowledgeable about, and confident in, its management practices. He presents the available tools toward this end.


After reviewing the different types of causes that seek funding and their internal dynamics, Warder examines some of the strategic considerations common to potential donors. These include their will or a living trust, their various tax obligations, their overall life circumstances, and their end-of-life planning decisions. He answers questions concerning the guarantees donors have that their bequests will make it possible for heirs and for the causes in which they believe to prosper.


Warder looks at some celebrated cases of misunderstanding between donors and non-profits to illustrate the nature of the relationship between the donor and the donee.
He then explains the various types of charitable agreements that, with proper planning, can benefit both heirs and charities. He next takes an in-depth look at the advancement officer in terms of personality, research tools at their disposal, and available support. He gives valuable insight into possible cultural attributes of donor prospects, the art of assigning donors by the organization, compensation and support issues, and elements of a sound performance review.


Warder explains the fundamentals needed for a successful endowment campaign, including the role of the consultant. He concludes by raising some of the most important personal and strategic questions to which an advancement officer should have answers before making The Right Ask.


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The Right Ask: What Every Advancement Officer Should Know



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Michael Y. Warder, Sr. has more than four decades of experience
in fundraising and non-profit leadership.  Most recently he has served
as Vice Chancellor of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Previously he was Executive Director for the West Coast for the
Children’s Scholarship Fund. He has held leadership positions in
a variety of think tanks in Washington, DC; Rockford, Illinois; and
Claremont, CA. He is a graduate of Stanford University.


(Upland, CA; August 2017)—The author of The Right Ask: What Every Advancement
Officer Should Know
is Michael Y. Warder Sr.  “I wrote the book because of the gap of understanding that I saw between potential donors and advancement officers,” Warder said. The book is filled with insights into successful fundraising that he has learned through his more than four decades in the field. The book will be available from
Amazon on September 26 for $14.95.


Warder has held senior advancement positions for a variety of non-profits in Southern California, Washington, DC, and Illinois. Before founding The Warder Consultancy LLC
in 2014 in Upland, California, he served more than nine years as Vice Chancellor of Pepperdine University in Malibu, where his primary duty was to raise funds in support of the university.  Prior to this he served as Executive Director for the west coast for
The Children’s Scholarship Fund.  Based in New York City, CSF helps low income families with K-8 partial tuition scholarships which Warder helped raise and administer.


Warder has also served as Vice President for Development for the Claremont Institute
in Claremont, California and Executive Vice President and Treasurer of The Rockford Institute in Rockford, Illinois. Earlier he was Executive Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and Director of Administration for The Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC.


His newspaper columns have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The
Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and hundreds of other newspapers. He has been
a guest on ABC’s Politically Incorrect, Fox’s O’Reilly Factor, MSNBC’s Internight, KCET’s
Life & Times, WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, and many others. He was an award-winning
radio commentator for NPR affiliate, WNIJ, in Northern Illinois.


He has organized and led delegations to the former Soviet Union, the Baltics, Israel, Rome, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China and India and has taken 29 trips to Asia and the Middle East since 2006. He attended the Asian-Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) in Bali in 2013. Warder is a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Political Science.


Contact: (310) 383-4178; michael@thewarderconsultancy.com




“Warder explains the fundamentals needed for a successful endowment campaign”




Available Sept 26